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What are the requirements for the selection of diesel generator sets

The selection of diesel generator sets shall comply with the provisions:
1, the unit capacity and the number of units should be based on the emergency load size and the input sequence and the maximum starting capacity of a motor. When the emergency load is large, you can use multi machine parallel operation, the number of units should be 2 ~ 4 units. When the parallel conditions are restricted, the district power supply can be implemented. When the harmonic of electric load is large, the influence on the generator should be considered.
2, in the program and preliminary design stage, the diesel generator capacity can be calculated according to the total transformer capacity of 10% ~ 20%. In the construction design stage, according to a load, fire load and some important two level load capacity, maximum capacity is determined according to the following method: 1) calculation of generator capacity according to the load; 2) according to the biggest single motor or group of electric motor to calculate the generator capacity by 3); start motor, generator bus allowable voltage drop calculation of generator capacity.
3, when the elevator is in full voltage starting load, maximum capacity of cage motor case, generator bus voltages should not be lower than the rated voltage of 80%; when there is no elevator load when the bus voltage should not be lower than the rated voltage of 75%. When conditions permit, the motor can be used to start the buck mode.
4, the number of units, should choose models, specifications and characteristics of the same units and ancillary equipment.


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