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How to distinguish the fault from the generator?

Diesel generator failure has certain signs, some signs can be recognized, Bengbu generator company staff summarized the following rules, to help you master the sound judgment method of vibration fault.
In the early stage of the development of diesel engine, the noise is big, the black smoke, can only be used in the need to pull the large amount of agricultural machinery, with the development of diesel engine technology, and now many imported cars have diesel models can be selected. Well designed diesel engine sounds more pleasant, because it is different from the gasoline engine in the structural characteristics, it is easy to determine the fault by some of the characteristics of the sound.
(1) the diesel engine has a regular and continuous sound, which is generally a fault of rotating parts. If there is a continuous sound, often occurs in the timing gear, flywheel and other parts.
(2) the diesel engine does not have the regular intermittent sound, generally is the engine accessory has the breakdown, like the generator, the starter, the air compressor, the water pump and so on, the installation is not strong or the internal contact blows the hair to ring.
(3) the diesel engine turns a ring of abnormal sound once, it is usually related to the crankshaft parts, such as piston, piston pin, piston ring and connecting rod bearing failure.
(4) a diesel engine turns out to be abnormal for a period of two cycles per revolution. Generally, the parts related to the camshaft are faulty, such as the valve, the push rod, the valve spring and the timing gear.
Through the introduction above, you will be able to set the sound to have a general understanding of the daily operation of power once the unusual sound can be simple to determine which part of the unit is out of the question, the maintenance work more targeted.


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